April- Grade 12 Coyote Character Award

Kathryn Harkness: Resilience, Courage & Teamwork - "Kathryn has grown immensely as a badminton player this year, maintaining her humble nature, strong work ethic, and positive attitude.  Recently, Kathryn persevered through a potential season-ending challenge – a few days before our Zone Championships, she broke her elbow.  Determined not to let herself, her partner, or our team down, she learned to play left-handed, coming in each morning before school on top of regular practice.  She and her partner Karly developed new strategies to capitalize on both of their strengths while keeping Kathryn safe.  Best of all, they qualified for Provincials and are looking forward to ending their final season on a high note.  We feel so fortunate to have had the privilege to coach her." ~ Eva LeBlanc, Shane Colpitts, & Katrina Hurdle