Dec/Jan- Grade 11 Coyote Character Award

Natsumi Oshima: Work Ethic; Integrity; Empathy; Honesty; Respect; Teamwork; Responsibility; Acceptance; -Natsumi is a grade 11 student excelling in a grade 12 math course. She works very hard at her studies and is quick to help others out as well. She understands the importance, of planning, commitment, and hard work. She successfully balances academics with activities and commitments outside of school. Natsumi is a genuine individual who obviously possesses values of honesty, respect, integrity, a strong work ethic and a maturity beyond her years; one only needs to talk with her to realize these fantastic qualities.

Sean Park: Honesty; Resilience; Responsibility; -Sean is such a pleasure to teach. Although he may have slept in and missed a major class he has been working hard to get back on track. He was very honest with me and took responsibility for his actions which I really appreciate. He has a great sense of humour and a great role model in my class. I am looking forward to watching him grow over this semester and show me what he is capable of.