Dec/Jan- Grade 12 Coyote Character Award

Quentin Carlson: Work Ethic; Empathy; Respect; Responsibility; -Quentin is a quiet and kind young man.  He has a strong work ethic in foods and always makes sure that all tasks are completed on time and to the best of his ability.  He is an independent worker and tries to make sure that others are able to sample his food when he has extra.  His actions and efforts in foods are examples for all other students.  Good job Quentin!

Nicholas Hutchinson: Work Ethic; Integrity; Resilience; Responsibility; -Nic is an awesome Coyote who comes to school every day with a great attitude and eagerness. His hard work ethic in Digital Media has been paying off as his skills have grown a lot since September. Nic is always great with not just learning new skills, but also ensuring that he can talk about his learning and help others along the way. Keep up the amazing attitude and drive Nic!

Garrett Myles: Integrity; Teamwork; Responsibility; -Garrett has taken on a leadership role within the Chinook Badminton Program.  As a senior on the team, is the an excellent example of a student athlete who is dedicated, respectful, and kind, with a genuine passion for the sport.  He is always willing to share his badminton knowledge with other members of the team, offering pointers to help them improve.  He also helps coach the Grade 9 team, further developing the skills of players new to our program.  I truly appreciate his hard work and dedication!