February- Grade 10 Coyote Character Award

Tristan Leacock: Work Ethic; Respect; Responsibility; Tristan is always friendly and respectful. In Math class he works very hard, and he takes ownership of his learning and is continuously looking for ways to improve!

Sage Needham: Work Ethic; Resilience; Courage; Responsibility; Sage just recently joined our 'Yote family at the beginning of this semester, coming to us all the way from Kamloops. She's only been in the hallways of Chinook for a couple of weeks now, but already Sage is proving to be an absolutely fantastic person to see both inside and outside of the classroom. Moving can be really hard when dealing with high school, yet Sage remains positive and extremely friendly towards her new peers. Her work ethic in class and desire to learn is awesome! Keep up the great attitude Sage, and welcome to Chinook! :)