March/April- Grade 12 Coyote Character Award

Depa Adhikari: Work Ethic; Empathy; Respect; Resilience; Teamwork; Responsibility; Acceptance; Depa brings a positive attitude and great sense of humour to class every day. She works hard and is helpful and respectful to her peers. I appreciate Depa's presence in class every day!

Soffia Rossi: Work Ethic; Integrity; Respect; Resilience; Courage; Sofia is one of our exchange students from Italy. She's incredibly kind, hardworking and so courageous! Can you imagine leaving your family to come to a foreign country to attend a new school with a very different culture? This is the definition of courage! The English language is a bit of a challenge but she works extremely hard to overcome while always maintaining a positive attitude! She's always smiling, and contributes positively to any class discussion. She's intelligent and an absolute pleasure to have in the class!