From the Office: Help us Help You!

We work hard to keep accurate attendance records and keep the teachers informed about your child’s status. When leaving a message on our school voicemail to report your student absence or late please include the following information:
- Your child’s first and last legal name (please spell your child’s last name if it’s a long or difficult last name)
- The exact times of the absence or late: please be very specific so we know when your child will be not be at school (for example, if we’re simply told they will be late, we then have to make a guess if it will be five minutes late, late for the first class or gone all morning!)
- The reason for the absence/late
- The date of the absence/late
- Your name

It also really helps us if you speak slowly and clearly as most calls are now made on a cell phone or through bluetooth and those calls can be challenging to hear on the voicemail (plus we’re getting old and perhaps our hearing is starting to go!).

Thank you so much for your help!
Chinook Office Staff