October- Grade 11 Coyote Character Award

Seleena (Sïan) Bresson-Adams- Work Ethic; Integrity; Honesty; Respect; Resilience; Courage; Responsibility; Acceptance

I want to nominate Sïan for the Coyote Character Award because of her "humanness." I understand that this doesn't sound like a particularly special trait for any human to possess. However, what I mean by "humanness" is that she is inexcusably human. She comes into my classroom without a disguise, no false visage, and eager to share exactly who she is. Once again, this quality may not seem all that special, but how many of us can say that we are ourselves all of the time? Especially in public.
There are only a few people that we will meet that seem truly alive. They are awake while the rest of us sleep through our lives. Sïan is one of these few. This intense awareness of herself and life has lead to high interest and investment, which has resulted in an astounding work ethic, great performance, elevated rationality, and care for her school environment.