September- Grade 12 Coyote Character Award

Kaitlin Carter

Work Ethic; Integrity; Empathy; Courage; Responsibility

When I was away dealing with difficult life events, Kaitlin stepped up and ran rehearsals for our school play.  She led a group of her peers in creative work, and it took great courage to do so.  Within her drama 20/30 class, she also stepped into a leadership role, helping my substitute teacher to organize and plan a murder mystery fundraiser project that is coming up at the end of October.  If Kaitlin wouldn't have stepped in, we would have lost a week of rehearsal time and I would have cancelled the event.  When I came back, the class was split into three casts, everyone was happy with her casting choices, each group had elected a director and a stage manager, and they were all well on their way, with rehearsals, costuming, blocking and memorizing.  I've never seen student leadership on this level, and I am so grateful for the work she did this month!