January- Grade 11 Coyote Character Award

Nicholas Wiebe- Work Ethic; Honesty; Resilience; Responsibility; Acceptance

Over the semester nick has matured. He began to ask for more help. He voluntarily hung out with my Grade 9s so he could finish classwork during his spare. He put the cellphone away. His final essay about the choices one makes and how it affects one's life's path contained a personal reflection. He acknowledged he didn't work hard. But now he sees how putting in the time and effort reaps rewards. At the end of the semester, his assignments were among the ones most completed. He was the one who stood at my desk and asked if he could resubmit. He was willing to re-take an exam with audio to see if he could score higher (and he HATES audio). He made me realize the kid you peg at the beginning as the one who is only interested in talking is actually the one who end up toasting because he makes coming to work worthwhile.