February- Grade 12 Coyote Character Award

Tara Anvik- Integrity; Empathy; Responsibility

Tara was standing at her locker and saw a grade 10 student who was stressed and distraught about a math test.  The student came to me to get some help and as I was heading to the LC for supervision I asked her to meet me there.  When I arrived I noticed that Tara was sitting with her, I helped her through a couple questions and then was pulled away to help a couple other students as well.  Every time I cycled back Tara was still there and was talking and supporting this young lady with her work and ensuring she was confident for her test. I thanked Tara afterwards and lauded how amazing what she did was and she just smiled and said "well she looked upset and I knew I could help".  Tara showed great empathy to her fellow coyote, she is truly someone who exemplifies the character we all want to possess.