Amanda Sequeira


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My name is Amanda Sequeira and I have been working for Lethbridge School District 51 since 2014. This 2018/2019 year is my third year with Chinook High School, and I am absolutely thrilled to be here! Born in Fredericton, New Brunswick, I have grown up moving to various places including Montreal, New York, Portugal, Edmonton, Calgary, and eventually Lethbridge. I love sports, and grew up playing rugby and soccer, which I still continue to play to this day. As well, I enjoy jogging, snowboarding, and spending my time working on art/design commissions for local businesses and friends.

At Chinook, I currently teach Digital Media, Financial Management, Computers 9, and Foundations 9. I'm also running the dual-credit program for the district for Cinema 1000. Chinook has an incredible atmosphere of community and respect, and I am very proud to say that I get to be a part of this school! Go Yotes!