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Scenario 1: In-school classes resume

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Nathan Clark

Hello!  My name is Nathan Clark, and I’ve been teaching a variety of subjects for almost 20 years.  I currently teach English and Outdoor Education, and I am passionate about the things I teach, especially the outdoors.  I am also an avid local filmmaker, and I have been actively creating video content for many years.

My teaching philosophy has always revolved around a simple fact: anyone is capable of greatness, especially young people. My role as a teacher is particularly vital in helping my students see and embrace this fact. While I adhere to and am quite familiar with the demands of the curriculum, I insist that my students look beyond simple responses and easy learning. I hope to challenge students to think deeply, to look for meaning in media and literature, to read critically and objectively, to ask challenging questions of themselves and to seek for opportunities to learn through authentic, constant feedback. I hope that they choose to respond in the same way - critically, persuasively and objectively, in the hopes that they will become confident communicators in preparation for life in a society that requires and thrives on effective communication.

I invite open communication with both students and parents, and I prefer to be contacted first in the event of any conflict that may arise. Feel free to email me at nathan.clark@lethsd.ab.ca and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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