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Scenario 1: In-school classes resume

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Convocation Update

Convocation Updates & Reminders 

With Drive-In Convocation ready to roll next Friday, here are a few important updates and reminders for our grade 12’s and their families. You can find more detailed information here: http://chs.lethsd.ab.ca/download/347784

1. Please take a close look at the schedule included in the link above. Ensure you know and understand the following: 

• Arrival and start time. We cannot stress enough that we will be starting on time. Late vehicles may not be permitted in the lot to ensure the safety of students walking through the lot to get to the stage.  

• Know your advisor and what color section they fall into. It will be either Gold or Red. Students will be called by section color, not advisor group. 

• Grads, remember to wear your mask when you leave your car. You will be permitted to remove your mask before you walk across the stage for your photo on stage. We are only providing photography for grads on stage. Masks will need to be put back on while making your way back to your car.

2. There will be no access to the school. Please plan accordingly as there will not be access to indoor or outdoor washrooms.  

3.  Last year families found the area in the front of the school, next to the Chinook sign, a great place for students wishing to get a picture.  Feel free to safely utilize this area outside of school time. Please know that this photography opportunity will not be available the day of convocation. For safety reasons, we are not permitting any photos on or around school property June 18th. 

4. Convocation boxes arrive this week! Convocation boxes will be distributed by student advisor at the end of the morning on Friday, June 11th. If you are not at school that day or are an at-home learner, please call the school to make arrangements for box pick up at the office beginning Monday, June 14th.

5. We will stream our events live! The link for the live streaming will be found on our school website www.chs.lethsd.ab.ca later this week. As in years past, this allows family and friends who are unable to attend to watch the events unfold live or at a later day/time should you be unable to view live or if you want to view other ceremonies. 

6. Check out the Convocation video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucbxirw_EAA on our YouTube channel at about the 4:54 minute mark. We used this video last year to provide a visual so you know what to expect for parking. While the first 5 minutes of the video are similar explanations from last year, there are a few differences, so please disregard and use the current information we have provided via email and on our website.

The staff at Chinook have again been working very hard to plan for a format we have only ever tackled once before.  We have tried to anticipate any potential problems and planned accordingly, always with the safety and well being of all participants leading the decision making. If we run into a snag or hiccup along the way, we ask for your continued patience and cooperation. 

We are very excited to be celebrating this important day despite the circumstances of this year.

Convocation 2021 Information Package

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