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Scenario 1: In-school classes resume

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Diploma Exam Information

On November 24th, 2020, the provincial government announced a change for the administration of all diploma examinations for the 2020-21 school year. Due to COVID-19, diploma exams will be optional. We encourage students and their families to see the full announcement at https://www.alberta.ca/diploma-exams.aspx

Here are some important points to remember: 

  • To receive an exemption, students need to complete the course and receive a current school awarded mark.
  • Students will automatically receive an exemption if they choose not to write a diploma exam
  • Students choose to write exams on an individual basis – you can choose to write in one subject, but not another if you wish
  • Students who choose to write a 2-part diploma (e.g. English, Social) must write both parts
  • Students who write a diploma can not choose to be exempted later. Their diploma exam mark will be used as 30% of their final grade

Do you need to write the diploma exam for any reason? 

  • Alberta Education is working closely with post secondary institutions across the province to accept final grade with or without diploma exam marks. The University of Lethbridge, University of Alberta and University of Calgary have all made public statements that they will accept the final grade with or without diploma examinations, and that those grades will be treated equally.
  • Students should contact all post secondary institutions to verify if they need to write diploma exams for admissions
  • Students who have less than 50% in their course mark may choose to write the exam to raise their mark but should discuss options for passing with their teacher before making this decision.
  • Students who want to raise their mark or wish to have a diploma exam mark on their transcript may choose to write.
  • Students who have differed an exam writing from a previous session when exams were not exempted must write

When do you need to let the school know if you choose to write a Diploma Exam? 

  • Students can choose to write up to the day and time of the exam administration
  • Students are encouraged to discuss options with parents and teachers and decide whether to write or not as early as possible
  • Starting December 7, 2020 there will be a link posted on the school web site for students to use to indicate exams they will choose to write. Please only fill this out for exams you are intending to write and fill it out as soon as possible! The school must coordinate exam ordering and we must have a good idea of the number of exams to order.
  • Please discuss with your teacher your intent to write the diploma or not, and how your final grade will be determined Please Contact Your Teacher or the Office if You have any Questions!


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