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Information for Current Grade 9-11 Students

Your student’s advisor will be connecting with them by Teams/email to distribute timetables. If there are course change requests at that time, please let the advisor know. Changes will be made on this priority basis:

  1. Students missing a course required for graduation or because of missing pre-requisites
  2. Students with unfilled openings in their timetable
  3. Students switching courses based on preference of subject (e.g. Art to Drama)
  4. Students requesting teacher changes.

We will make sure students have the courses they need to graduate, but all other changes are based on availability of space (we will strictly adhere to this given the current health requirements). Please also remember there will be an opportunity to make changes at the beginning of the next school year.

A few other reminders about the timetables:

  • Timetables are based on this year’s bell schedule with no rotation (i.e. mod 1  always first), but this may change based on conditions in the fall.
  • There are extra blank Fridays (C,D,E) – theses are there to accommodate possibilities in the fall….ignore them for now
  • As always there is a blank after school on the timetable that will be used for things like Jazz Band in the fall…ignore for now
  • The final bell schedule/class times will be communicated in the fall once we know which scenario/distancing requirements we need to adhere to/plans we finalize

Thanks for your help and patience in this process. We wish you a healthy, happy summer.

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