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Scenario 3: Move to at-home learning

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March/April- Grade 11 Coyote Character Award

Angie Garcia

Honesty (Know Your Why); Work Ethic (Aim For Growth); Respect (Take Ownership); Teamwork (Take Ownership); Resilience (Aim For Growth); Acceptance (Take Ownership); Empathy (Know Your Why); Integrity (Know Your Why); Responsibility (Know Your Why); Courage (Aim For Growth)

Angie is the epitome of kindness!! Her sweet nature puts smiles on the faces of everyone around her. Angie finds so much joy in complimenting others and telling them what she finds great about them. She does this with fun notes, treats, and cards. Her positive energy is absolutely infectious! We are so lucky to have such an optimistic and caring student spreading joy around every day! Go Angie!!

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