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Jan 19 - Final Exam Week

January 19 - January 29                       Schedule posted under Quick Links

Jan 16 - Last Day of Semester I Classes

The last day of semester I classes is Friday, January 16th. Final exam week runs January 19 - January 29.

Dec 20 - Winter Break

December 20 - January 4: The staff & students at Chinook High School would like to wish you a safe and happy holiday sea...

Jan 8 - Grade 9 Basketball vs WCHS

Grade 9 Basketball vs WCHS               Boys- 4:00 p.m. & Girls- 5:15 p.m.

Jan 7 - Women's Basketball @ KAHS

SV & JV Women's Bball @ KAHS           JV- 6:00 p.m. & SV- 8:00 p.m

Jan 6 - Men's Basketball vs CCH

SV & JV Men's Bball vs CCH JV- 6:00 p.m. & SV- 8:00 p.m

Dec 15 - Grade 9 Coyote Character Award

Kirsty McFadyen: Work Ethic - "A grade 9 assignment in Health was to nominate a student in grade 9 for a Coyote Characte...

Dec 15 - Grade 10 Coyote Character Award

Tyler Good Dagger: Work Ethic, Empathy - "Tyler has such a kind heart and thinks of others. If he sees that someone need...

Dec 15 - Grade 11 Coyote Character Award

Miranda Gangur-Powell: Work Ethic, Responsibilty & Resilience - Miranda was nominated by two of her classmates for alway...

Dec 15 - Grade 12 Coyote Character Award

Melissa Brandt: Work Ethic & Responsibility - "Melissa consistently takes responsibility for her own learning. She works...

Nov 19 - Grade 12 Coyote Character Award

Liam McMahon: Empathy, Honesty and Respect - "Liam always offers a friendly smile to everyone and demonstrates an inspir...

Nov 19 - Grade 11 Coyote Character award

Cameron Andres: Work Ethic - "Cam demonstrates incredible work ethic every day in my 20-2 math class.  Cam is attentive...

Nov 19 - Grade 10 Coyote Character Award

Alex Pleas: Work Ethic, Responsibility and Courage - "Alex has compiled over 40 hours of volunteerism to the HOWL. Alex...

Nov 19 - Grade 9 Coyote Character Award

Mack Noel: Work Ethic, Courage, Responsibility - "Mack has been working hard over the past few weeks to improve in Scien...

Sep 30 - Grade 12 Coyote Character Award

Devon Nielsen: Resilience - "Devon suffered a concussion during the football season and has been working hard to catch...

Sep 30 - Grade 11 Coyote Character Award

Holly Guinn: Work Ethic, Responsibility and Respect -"Holly is a grade 11 student in my 20-2 class that has consistentl...

Sep 30 - Grade 9 Coyote Character Award

Tyler Bond: Respect, Work Ethic and Teamwork - "Tyler Bond is a great team player and participant in PE. He always giv...

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Dec 20 - Winter Break