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Grad Gala Ticket Sales

Grad Gala - June 11, 2022 – Ticket Sales!

Round 1: April 1-15

Each student can purchase 8 tickets maximum (this includes their own ticket and all their guests)

Each ticket for the grade 12's is $60 (for the grade 12 students ticket, and an extra $60 for any  guest/date that is staying for the dance and appetizers)

Each additional ticket is $10 for guests not staying for the dance and appetizers.

Round 2: April 25- May 6

This round will only occur if we do not sell out in the first round. This round will also be first come first serve and have no limit on numbers of tickets that can be purchased. 

Grad Update- April 14

April 14, 2022

Parents and Guardians of Grade 12 Students,

Everyone at Chinook High School looks forward to celebrating your student’s high school graduation this spring! This occasion is not too far away, and we wanted families to be aware of some information to help you better understand what to expect, what to remain flexible with and help you plan for the events. 

Historically there have been two main activities for graduation here at Chinook; Gala in May and Convocation in June. The gala is a formal celebration of 13 years of schooling and is open to all grade 12 students. Convocation is another formal celebration marking the completion of the individual student’s Alberta High School graduation requirements and as such, only students who have met these requirements participate.

This year, Chinook will be celebrating the Grade 12 Gala on Saturday, June 11 at the Enmax Centre. Tickets have been on sale for this even through your graduate’s School Cash Online account. We communicated that we opened this round of ticket sales to a maximum of 8 per graduate (this includes the graduate). First round ticket sales close at midnight on April 15th. A second round will open after we return from the break. These will be offered on a first come first served basis, so we strongly encourage families to get tickets in the first round. 

We are charging $10 per guest to attend. Guests will have access to arena seating, mix and mingle on the upper concourse for photo opportunities, access to the dance floor for the first few dances and continued arena seating for the remainder of the evening should gests with to stay to watch.  Historically, virtually all guests have left after the first few dances allowing the graduates to celebrate together.

Graduates are charged $60 to attend. Graduates will have the same access as regular guests but will be seated at tables on the arena floor for the formal program, stay for the dance and have access to the appetizers that will be served later.

We also understand that many graduates wish to bring a ‘plus one’ to remain with them for the entirety of the evening. Should the ‘plus one’ be a Chinook grade 12 student, they only need to  purchase their own $60 ticket from their school cash online account. A ‘plus one’ who is not a grade 12 student at Chinook buying their own ticket will also need a $60 ticket purchased. This option will be seen on the graduate's school cash online account. The ‘plus one’ who is not from Chinook will have all the access that our graduates will have with one exception. These guests will be seated with other guests in the arena seating for the duration of the formal program.

Much like years passed, our Convocation will be celebrated at Chinook High School in our school gymnasium on Tuesday, June 28th. With a graduating class pushing 300, it is impossible to host this event without imposing limitations on the number of guests who can attend. Traditionally the number of guests per graduate has ranged from 4-5. While we understand that is not ideal, we do stream this event live on our YouTube channel to ensure all that wish to observe, can. We are nearing a decision as to whether we will split our graduating class in half and run two separate ceremonies. We see the value on both sides; having more guest able to attend on one side and having all the students together in one ceremony on the other. Regardless of the decision, we will get that information out to families shortly after the Spring Break. There is no charge for these tickets but graduated must have their convocation fees paid.

Another ‘to- do’ item to get a jump on is having your student register for MyPass at  https://www.alberta.ca/student-information-highschool-transcripts.aspx#jumplinks-1 . Through  Alberta MyPass, students will be able to access their official transcript for post-secondary applications, view diploma exam marks, register to rewrite diploma exams if required and most importantly, it is a means to verify your students address as this is where Alberta Education mails the official Alberta High School Diplomas.

I would like to also take this opportunity to remind families that should you have questions about graduation checks, whether your student is on track to meet graduation requirements, please contact your student’s advisor. We remind students often to check in with advisors early in the year and again after semester one is over. We are often able to find ways to make up any credits a student may be short if we have plenty of time.

Tara Cunningham
Vice Principal, Chinook High School

Graduation Update- March 1

March 1, 2022


The grade 12s have spoken and it has been decided, overwhelmingly, that the 2022 Chinook grad gala will be Saturday, June 11 at the Enmax Centre. We would like to thank all the students who took the time to speak with their families and put forth a vote.

With the recent provincial mandates being lifted effective today, we are assuming that there will be no REP or mandatory masking requirements which is great news for inclusivity! We will be cautious and continue to update families should anything change regarding mandates or requirements put forth by the government of Alberta.

Tickets for gala will go on sale in the very near future through school cash online this is a reminder that well ticket prices for students [and their plus one] are $60 each (to cover additional costs of the appetizers and DJ), all other guests will be required to provide a ticket at the door for entry. They will also be available through school cash online at the cost of $10 per guest. We will send out a reminder about ticket sales just before they are available through School Cash Online.

Again, a huge thank you to Chantel, Irene and the student grad committee for the work behind the scenes to make this a special day for our grade 12s!


Take the best of care,

Tara Cunningham