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Michael Carter

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Skill Development

Michael is tremendously happy to lead the support of students with disabilities at Chinook since January of 2020. As a disabled person (I use this term intentionally to recognize the ways our world disables disabled people--see Social Model of Disability), I am proud of my identity, and aim to guide our community in embracing disability as a positive identity. My work alongside students aims to equip students with disabilities with strategies to navigate their learning and the world, and non-disabled students with the understanding that their decisions, actions and attitudes impact disabled peoples’ lives. I’m excited about teaching a Disability Studies class that welcomes non-disabled students into a disability-centred learning environment. 

Before moving to Lethbridge in 2017, Michael taught music in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Kingston, Ontario. He grew up in Ottawa, and completed his university studies in Brandon, Manitoba and Toronto, Ontario. You can find Michael playing saxophone at the Owl (when it reopens), exploring book stores and music shops, and biking on 7th Avenue. He lives with his partner and three amazing daughters.  

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