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Career & Counselling Services

Career Services

It is our hope that this webpage will provide you with information about career planning and bring you an awareness about post-secondary options that are available (work, apprenticeship, college and university). 

Through this website you can access tools that will help you make a more informed decisions about life after high school. Some examples include:

  • assessing goals
  • using career exploration tools to assess interests and strengths
  • creating a resume
  • researching occupations and pathways to employment
  • choosing appropriate high school courses to reach your goals
  • investigating post-secondary options
  • scholarship opportunities

Click on the link below to access the Lethbridge School Division Career Services page:


Counselling Services

At Chinook our wellness team can provide a vast array of supports for students and their families. Listed below are some but not limited to reasons why a parent or student would reach out to our wellness team. Please note that each wellness member has somewhat of a speciality and depending on the presenting concern we work to fit the best person with you. 

  • Challenges in relationships with parents, peers, dating partners, teachers etc.
  • Challenges with thoughts and feelings including thoughts of suicide, concerns about self-injury/self harm, support with managing frustration/anxiety/
  • Adjusting and Coping to changes and challenges within their family including loss of a parent or family member, separation and divorce, parental conflict
  • Worries and Challenges with personal drug/alcohol/gambling/gaming/device use or that of a friend or family member
  • Information on and support in accessing resources and supports in the community (ie. Employment, mental health, counselling, housing etc.)
  • Support in transitioning to Lethbridge and Chinook from another school or community.
  • Concerns with transitioning into adult/life after Chinook
  • Concerns around safety at school or at home
  • Support in dealing with involvement with the criminal justice system
  • Support as a victim of crime (ie. sexual/physical assault etc.)
  • Support in meeting basic needs (food, clothing shelter)
  • Support in academics or struggles with classes
  • Support in accessing learning supports within the school
  • Discuss and explore one’s sexual/gender identity and expression

Alberta Health Services Addictions Counsellor

The role of the AHS addictions Counsellor is to reduce the harmful impacts of substance use, gambling, and some process issues such as problematic gaming. an addiction counsellor will work across the treatment continuum moving from prevention to harm reduction to treatment and relapse prevention. Addiction counsellors can intervene in the way of offering supportive coping mechanisms to improve daily functioning and prevent the escalation of unhealthy coping through substance use. 

If there are mental health concerns where there is interest in pursuing a diagnosis, exploring medication, or intervening with the intent to treat the mental health concern a referral to a physician, psychiatrist, or mental health colleague could be made. 


If you would like to contact our Wellness team, please send us an email by clicking the link below: