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Scenario 1: In-school classes resume

Fine Arts Productions

A message to all our fine arts friends,

We miss you dearly and we miss creating opportunities for you to perform on stage.  As a team, we support the school board’s decision to hold off on extra-curricular productions for the foreseeable future.  This has been a challenging time, and right now our priority absolutely has to be keeping everyone healthy and safe.  We miss our dance shows, rock/band/choir concerts, plays and musicals just as much as you, and as soon as it’s safe to perform again, we will be ready to go!  Until then, do what you can to stay healthy and safe, and take care of yourself and your family.

Ain't No Sunshine

Pick Up the Pieces

Watermelon Man

Dangerous Women- Ariana Grande

Benjammin Franklin and the Art of Music - Robert W Smith

Imaginarium - Randall Standridge

Dream Theater- Spring 2021

The Baby Snooks Show- Minecraft Radio Play (Fall 2020)

The Rhythm of Love- Fall 2020

"The Rhythm of Love" is a variety type performance with hit musical theatre songs and brilliant script written by the students. This show is all about love, loss, and learning and is a culmination of a semester's creative work. Some video was shot before we went to online learning and the rest recorded through Zoom.