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Photo of Bill Forster

Bill Forster


Photo of Tara Cunningham

Tara Cunningham

Vice Principal

Photo of Cameron Hall

Cameron Hall

Vice Principal

Photo of Duane Piper

Duane Piper

Vice Principal

Administrative Assistants

Photo of Jill Wilson

Jill Wilson

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Shauna Milligan

Shauna Milligan

Administrative Support

Photo of Katrina Kontek

Katrina Kontek

Business Manager

Photo of Bonnie Takats

Bonnie Takats

Administrative Support


Photo of Marley Heavyshield

Marley Heavyshield

Photo of Amanda McMahon

Amanda McMahon

Student Support Worker

Photo of Dan Nault

Dan Nault

Family School Liaison Counsellor

placeholder image for Jordanna Pierson

Jordanna Pierson

Photo of Karla Red Crow

Karla Red Crow

Student Support Worker

Photo of Mel Van Seters

Mel Van Seters

Addictions Counsellor

placeholder image for Nikita Hart

Nikita Hart


Photo of Lou Bardics

Lou Bardics

Photo of Erica Barr

Erica Barr

Photo of Billy Baum

Billy Baum

Photo of Josh Boettcher

Josh Boettcher

Photo of Deanna Brouwer

Deanna Brouwer

Photo of Bruce Carbert

Bruce Carbert

Photo of Michael Carter

Michael Carter

Photo of Shane Colpitts

Shane Colpitts

Photo of Missy Cooper Robinson

Missy Cooper Robinson

Photo of Scott Davidson

Scott Davidson

Photo of Ali Derksen

Ali Derksen

Photo of Irene Dersch

Irene Dersch

Photo of Tamara Dorchak

Tamara Dorchak

Photo of Neil Forsyth

Neil Forsyth

Photo of Kenny Fuglerud

Kenny Fuglerud

Photo of Eva Gorny

Eva Gorny

Photo of Jay Hansen

Jay Hansen

Photo of Brad Henke

Brad Henke

Photo of Alisha Hornberger

Alisha Hornberger

placeholder image for Bari Ipaa

Bari Ipaa

placeholder image for Garth Johnson

Garth Johnson

Photo of Victoria Karmali

Victoria Karmali

Photo of Grant Kiist

Grant Kiist

Photo of Cory Kitagawa

Cory Kitagawa

Photo of Connor Kopp

Connor Kopp

Photo of Riley Kostek

Riley Kostek

Photo of Rebecca Kostek

Rebecca Kostek

Photo of Leta Layton

Leta Layton

Photo of Josh Maret

Josh Maret

Photo of Stephanie McFarlane

Stephanie McFarlane

Photo of Sydney Milligan

Sydney Milligan

Photo of Jackie Motokado-Bryant

Jackie Motokado-Bryant

Photo of David Orr

David Orr

Photo of Raelyn Riley

Raelyn Riley

Photo of Chris Schalk

Chris Schalk

Photo of Kevin Schenk

Kevin Schenk

Photo of Amanda Sequeira

Amanda Sequeira

Photo of Alisha Sims

Alisha Sims

Photo of Nick Straat

Nick Straat

Photo of Matt Strikwerda

Matt Strikwerda

Photo of DeAndra Sullivan

DeAndra Sullivan

Photo of Chantel Tillsley

Chantel Tillsley

Photo of Brody Turnbull

Brody Turnbull

Photo of Janay Walstra

Janay Walstra

Photo of David Wetterstrand

David Wetterstrand

Photo of Taryn Woods

Taryn Woods

Educational Assistants

placeholder image for Lana Chemissany

Lana Chemissany

Photo of Jared Degroot

Jared Degroot

Photo of Seema Enayetullah

Seema Enayetullah

Photo of Marianne Forsyth

Marianne Forsyth

Photo of Tara Kavanagh

Tara Kavanagh

Photo of Willy Makwana

Willy Makwana

Photo of Jack Mcdonald

Jack Mcdonald

Photo of Bradon Neill

Bradon Neill

Photo of Asako Okuyama

Asako Okuyama

Photo of Ndale Philbert

Ndale Philbert

Photo of Debra Phin

Debra Phin

Photo of Claudia vanToor

Claudia vanToor

Photo of Cadence Wenc

Cadence Wenc


Photo of Melinda Seymour

Melinda Seymour

Photo of Reni Bansemer-Forbes

Reni Bansemer-Forbes

Photo of Aidan Harker

Aidan Harker

Photo of Kip Kangogo

Kip Kangogo

Photo of Neal Pyo

Neal Pyo

Student Services

Photo of Brenda Borg

Brenda Borg

Textbook & Testing Center

Photo of Heather Glenn

Heather Glenn

Instructional Support Assistant

Photo of Jacqueline Hill

Jacqueline Hill

Learning Commons Facilitator


placeholder image for Blaine Badiuk

Blaine Badiuk

placeholder image for Saturna Bueckert

Saturna Bueckert

placeholder image for Christopher Cote

Christopher Cote

placeholder image for Jessa Heatherington

Jessa Heatherington

placeholder image for Jamie Leteta

Jamie Leteta

placeholder image for Dillon St. Jean

Dillon St. Jean

placeholder image for Cailin Williams

Cailin Williams

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