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Janay Walstra

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My name is Janay Walstra and I was born and raised here in Lethbridge. After high school, I completed my Bachelor of Science/Education at the University of Lethbridge and started subbing. I soon got my first job at Winston Churchill and stayed there till I moved over to Chinook in its opening year.

Throughout my years growing up, I competed in many different sports. I was a competitive swimmer, played basketball and volleyball all throughout junior and senior high, and played golf. After graduating high school, I have continued to play both recreational coed and ladies volleyball and still golf when I can. I have also coached numerous teams during my years of teaching.

During my time at Chinook, I have gotten married and have welcomed both my sons, Maddox and Ashton, to my family. I am very proud to be an original Yote teacher and hope for many more years of being black, gold, and red!

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